Nashville FC’s Roadie Sound Check Kicks Off!

A movement is going through the Nashville metro area. A movement that is revolutionary in it self of the usual thinking of American sports fans. A movement we call, Nashville Football Club.

Nashville Football Club is a one hundred percent owned supporter owned soccer club. What does that mean? It means exactly how it sounds. You are the owner. Supporters of the club buy memberships, which in turn becomes your card to ownership of the club. The supporters hold rights to make important club decisions like jerseys, scheduling, and other major decisions that effect tmainhe club in any way. This is revolutionary in the way that this is the first and only completely owned soccer club by supporters in the United States. It goes away from the norm of one, big money owner like all of the top professional sports leagues in North America. A group of owners, known as the NFC Roadies, have become the heart and extremely passionate soul of the club, and even deeper within this group, three owners have started a podcast called, The Roadie Sound Check.

The Roadie Sound Check is the weekly podcast hosted by owners and fans Brian Taylor, Chase Caudill, and Connor Ulrey. They discuss important news around the world of soccer, from local clubs and leagues like Nashville FC and Major League Soccer to the international leagues like England’s Barclay’s Premier League and Spain’s La Liga. They try to wrap up the week in the soccer world so that the majority of their local listeners can have the soccer news and knowledge they need to keep up with some of the more hardcore fans. They also give MLS score recaps and transfer market gossip news. For only a thirty-minute show, they are able to pack in a ton of vital information into such a small amScreen Shot 2015-05-05 at 4.30.33 PMount of time.

As a relatively knowledgeable soccer fan myself, this show is a great tool for all of the novice fans coming into the American soccer scene after the boom of the previous FIFA World Cup. Nashville was one of the top cities for attendance amongst American Outlaw viewing parties in the United States. The American Outlaws are the official US Men’s National Team’s supporters group, and they themselves have reported spikes in memberships. The podcast provides that foot in the door for these new fans. The hosts try to discuss topics in a manner where the rookies of soccer will understand what’s going, but also to consider that they have viewers that are veterans of the beautiful game. They make sure it’s a level playing field for all, and that if the listeners ever met up, one wouldn’t feel like they were talking to a child and the other an angry old man about the game they all love.

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The personality of each host is what really drives the show forward into a serious podcast program. The ringleader of the show, Brian Taylor, has the quick-witted humor to keep the banter of everyone in check. Chase Caudill, basically Brian’s sidekick, offers up excellent opinions on the form of players, and makes sure to throw in the occasional pun, a running gag on the show to annoy Brian. Finally, Connor Ulrey is the show’s stat guy. He’s got his notes ready to provide the viewers with top goal scorers, point standings, and other key numbers figures. All of these guys wrapped up provides a solid soccer podcast for any American who wants to experience the beautiful game for the first time, or the hardcore fan who already eats, breathes, and sleeps soccer to begin with.



Not So Neutral on Net Neutrality

What makes the Internet great? Is it the abundant amount of information at our fingertips? Is it possibly the connections we can make with people from around the world in seconds, or is the ridiculous content, like cats playing piano, that you can find easily on YouTube? The answer is all of the above. The Internet is great due to its free spirited nature. The fact that you can find anything your heart, no matter how weird it is, desires within minutes. This concept has a name, and it’s called “Net Neutrality”.

Now, this is probably a term you’re not familiar with, but it is the driving force that keeps the Internet chugging along like a bullet train packed with ideas, content, and other forms of media ready to be shared with the world. Net Neutrality keeps the Internet superhighway open for all, and doesn’t pick and choose what route to take, which is what the big cable companies want.

So what happens if Net Neutrality wasn’t around? Well, if we were without this important and vital rule, the Internet would become slowed down, boring, and would without a doubt, lead to it’s untimely end. Cable companies want to do away with Net Neutrality because they want the ability to make more money off the consumer. Think about it in terms of how your television package works. You buy the standard TV package with Comcast that allows standard channels like, ESPN, MTV, CNN, etc.… but lets say you want premium channels like HBO, NFL Network, or ShowTime? Well, you’re going to have to pay extra and upgrade that package. Now, lets make this extremely scary for you and your wallet. Comcast gives you the standard Internet package that includes sites like Facebook and Twitter, call it the “Social Media” package, but now you want to be able to watch EPIC FAIL videos on YouTube or maybe catch up on the newest episode of The Walking Dead on Netflix. We have bad news for you! YouTube and Netflix a part of the premium package because they stream video. You better break out the checkbook, and get to spending because that’s exactly what companies like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T want you to do. They want to be able to make money off of you, the consumer, by directing you to special sites that will run faster and cleaner because you upgraded with them.

It’s all about making money for the big-time cable companies, and they could not care less about how the consumer receives and shares the content they are given or provide. The ability for your ideas via video, pictures, or even tweets would be disabled just because Net Neutrality would become a thing of the past. The entire Occupy movement probably would not have reached such mainstream success if it had not been for Net Neutrality allowing the protestors to speak their minds on social media outlets, like Twitter and Facebook. Your favorite vloggers on YouTube could not have the reach to capture the masses with their shows, skits, and film because certain users didn’t have the ability to watch a video. It’s a scary thought that nearly became a reality.

Back in May 2014, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Tom Wheeler, who was a former cable company lobbyist in Washington, decided that it would be a good idea to get rid of Net Neutrality. Once the people found out about this plan, they decided to call their local congressman and senator let their voices be heard. The people want their right to free speech to continue on the Internet because in reality, it’s one of the few places left that we truly have zero restrictions on what we can say or do without having a permit or other forms of permission to get our messages out to the world.

Source: NBC News

Luckily, in February of 2015, Wheeler rejected his own idea and the FCC approved the new proposal. The people’s voices were heard, and the billion-dollar cable company machine had been silenced… for now. Unfortunately, the cable companies have decided they will appeal the decision and sue in the hopes to end Net Neutrality once and for all. We must continue to fight for the cause of a fast and open Internet for all so that the freedoms we hold in the real world can continue in the virtual world as well.


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Feature: Nashville FC “Our Town, Our Club”

One of the fastest growing sports in the United States is soccer, and the growth can be seen especially here in Nashville and middle Tennessee. Ever since the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the popularity of the world’s most beloved game has steadily caught on to the hearts and minds of America more than ever. With the start of supporters groups like The American Outlaws, fans have been able to watch games together and share ideas amongst their peers. One idea shared was a dream to have a fan-owned soccer club for the city of Nashville. This club, rather than the majority owned by wealthy businessmen, would be one hundred percent controlled and ran by regular, working-class people like you and I. This dream has become a reality. This dream is Nashville Football Club (NFC).

NASH_1 In 2013, operations began when Nashville Atlas FC a supporters group merged, and the first foundations of the club took root. Founding members, who are the initial owners of the club, started buying memberships so that they could have a say in this new idea. The memberships have three different levels, ranging from a special “Out of Town” membership that would allow for fans outside of the state of Tennessee to benefit the club to the premier membership that had a few more perks, including an exclusive jersey only available to that member. The one thing that keeps each level of membership on the same level though is that all members have the same amount of voting power when it comes to major club decisions. That means, the member who may be more financially capable of owning a $150 dollar membership does not have more power than a member who can’t afford that. It gives everyone the same amount of a say rather than letting the money do the talking. Nashville FC does not want to be defined by one powerful, rich owner, but rather thousands of passionate soccer fans, who want nothing more than a winning team representing there city.

Fans watch Nashville FC vs Knoxville Force (photo from the Williamson Source)
Fans watch Nashville FC vs Knoxville Force (photo from the Williamson Source)

Nashville FC competes in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL), which is fourth on the United States Soccer Pyramid. To put that in perspective, Major League Soccer (MLS), the dominant professional league in the United States, is number one. NFC has a goal of reaching to the second tier by 2020, which is the North American Soccer League (NASL). Historically, teams from these lowers tiers like Orlando City FC and the Montreal Impact, have been able to reach the pinnacle of the pyramid and compete in MLS. The NPSL gives Nashville the opportunity to climb to the top, and not be dissolved due to lack of funds. All players for NFC volunteer, and are not paid to play. Also, rather than competing against teams nationally, the NPSL keeps teams condensed to a region so traveling is less expensive, and the teams can continue to be financially stable. Also, due to the proximity of each team, big rivalries are key to attracting new fans to root for their side.

Nashville FC is also extremely involved with the community of Nashville. They play all of there home games on Vanderbilt University’s campus, they allow anyone in Tennessee to tryout for the team, and being involved with youth soccer is a big objective for the club. NFC wants young soccer players to know that playing soccer in America doesn’t have to end once you have reached a certain year at a young age. If you want to play as an adult, and accept the challenge of playing with the best, then there is home for you at Nashville Football Club.

The opening game of the 2015 season for Nashville is on May 9th at 7:00 PM against the Birmingham Hammers. If you would like to know more about Nashville FC or purchase a membership, be sure to check us out at Also, be sure to follow us on social media